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Fusion Podcast

The Fusion program was delivered by City of Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services in 2019. The ‘Fusion crew’ are a group of young people (aged 12-25 years) who have created a series of three podcasts, discussing topics that are relevant to young people. Fusion aims to provide a new way of accessing information and engaging young people in discussion.

Alcohol and Other Drugs (18 minutes)

This podcast tells the story of ‘Mia’, a young person who was invited to a party and the peer pressure that she experienced whilst there. Afterwards, Mia has trouble remembering what happened during the party. This podcast explores the impact of alcohol and cannabis use. A robotic ‘AI’ leads the discussion by providing information and busting myths, as well as exploring possible outcomes and consequences, and what actions young people can take to support their friends.

To access the resources mentioned on the podcast, please visit:  


Mental Health (20 minutes)

This podcast explores the mind, brain and mental health, providing information about depression and anxiety. Mia is having some challenges and is looking for support. Mia contacts a youth mental health service to talk about how she is feeling. This leads to her learning more about her ‘train of thought’ and better understanding her anxiety.

To access mental health support and for more information, please contact:

  • Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800
  • Headspace Dandenong – 1800 367 968
  • Lifeline – 13 11 14
  • Lifeline crisis support chat 
  • Lifeline text – 0477 13 11 14
  • Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services – 9793 2155


Dandenong My Community (22 minutes)

Discover the history of Greater Dandenong, travelling back in time to learn about the local history of the Aboriginal community, and how Greater Dandenong has changed and developed over time. This podcast highlights the strengths of Greater Dandenong as a community, discussing various topics including multiculturalism, community belonging, community safety and young people. Learn what this welcoming city has to offer.


The Fusion podcast program will be delivered again in 2020 for young people aged 12-25 years who live, work, study and have a significant connection to the City of Greater Dandenong.


To find out more:

For more information, contact Youth and Family Services:

Phone: 9793 2155
Email: youthservices@cgd.vic.gov.au
Facebook: cgdyouthservices
Instagram: @GreaterDandenongYouthServices